Orkelbogen Recreation Center is a conference center located in the mountains. The farm is well suited to events such as business meetings, weddings, confirmations, Christmas parties, meetings or other gatherings.
On Orkelbogen we can offer a variety of activities both inside and out. Such as mountain hiking, skiing and horse riding, activity trails, shooting both indoor and outdoor team games. 

We can provide both food and dining for all meals, and can offer a wide range of dishes. It is also possible to cook for themselves or bring your own chef, if desired. The Center also has a dining room designed for up to 50 guests, lounge and TV lounge.

The barn has all the facilities for conferences, and is designed for up to 40 people. The barn has also a meeting room for about 12 people. Both are equipped with modern conference equipment.

  • nature trails
  • riding
  • shooting
  • treasure hunt
  • Course Certified
  • Christmas buffet
  • conference facilities
  • course facilities

Phone: +47 467 42 000
Email: post@orkelbogen.no
Web: www.orkelbogen.no

2500 Tynset
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