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Tynset Fishing

Norway is a paradise for outdoor experiences, there are many rivers, streams and lakes that are great for sport fishing. Fishspot – Adventures in Norway gives an overview of the best inland fisheries in South...

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Cycling in the World Heritage site of Røros

Røros Bicycle, Children/family, Cycle tracks, Mountain tour, Nature, Round trips, Summer activities, Tour suggestions

You can take bike rides in beautiful scenic environments, choose between three to seven hour rides in three different, well marked trails with easy to average difficulty and a different theme for each. Explorin...

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Vingelen Turistinformasjon

Tolga Adventure, Mountain summer farm

Vingelen is a beautiful mountain village. Old traditions are still kept alive here in this very viable society. Old timber houses are surrounded by a verdant and well-kept cultural landscape of pastures and mea...

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Husky Point Røros- Dog sledding

Os Activity companies, Children/family, Dog sledding, Guided tour, Sport, Team building, Winter activities

Husky Point Røros AS is located in Os, Norway. Just a 20 minute drive from the UNESCO world heritage town of Røros, and a 2 hour drive south of Trondheim. You can ride as a passenger on a 1,5h dogsledding...

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RørosHusky- Dogsledding

Røros Activity companies, Children/family, Dog sledding, Guided tour, Sport, Team building, Winter activities

We arrange sleddog-trips at wintertime, where you can mush "your own" dog-team; 4- 6 dogs. Longer trips (expeditions) will take place up in the mountain, by preference to Gauldalsvidda/Forelhogna.  We try to...

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Swimming pool - LHL-klinikkene Røros Guestrooms

Røros Bathing, Children/family, Recreation/Treatment centre, Sport

LHL-klinikkene Røros is a modern center where we can offer activitites, night stop and service.  The center has a great swimming pool with a canal of reverse flow and back massage. We also have whirlpool...

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Tynset swimming pool

Tynset Bathing

Indoor swimmingpool with sauna....

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Røros Museum Smelthytta

Røros Other activities

The Smelthytta museum is built on the ruins of the smelter that burnt down in 1975. Here you find exhibitions about the history of the Røros Copper Works, brought to life by models of mines, smelters and techn...

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Røros Hotell - Bath & Wellness

Røros Bathing

You can take morning swim in a 27- meter pool, and kids can enjoy themselves in a separate part of the pool. There are several smaller pools, an outdoor pool and a jacuzzi. You can use several different saunas,...

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Vingelen National Park Village - a stroll between Vingelen's sun-scorched wooden houses

Tolga Bicycle, Hiking, Nature trails, Sport

A cultural walk around sunburnt timber buildings in the beautiful mountain village of Vingelen. Start and finish in Vingelen village centre, with the opportunity to embark on shorter or longer round trips among...

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