Wilderness Camps are an unparalleled training ground to develop wilderness living skills and a natural mindset. Physically and mentally in touch with nature all day round, we enhance the web of our natural relations and promote our personal growth.

People are created for a life closely connected to nature. To foster this connection is the aim of the courses. Immersed into an unspoiled wilderness environment, we keep day-round contact with the natural elements. Through hands-on activities, awareness and motion training, an active group life and single exercises we pick up the threads of our natural relations. Free from the distractions of modern life we mesh ourselves into the natural net with ease, where our individual talents and personal relations, our whole human potential thrive. With our liveliness and sense of belonging improved, we return to our daily lives.

Wilderness Life organises Wilderness Camps - Nature Connection Training Courses for individuals, groups and businesses. The programs focus on training wilderness living skills, on fostering our natural relations - the connections to nature, ourselves and community and on unfolding our potential as human beings.

Wilderness Life also organises guided wilderness trips. The hiking, back-country-skiing and canoeing tours offer a safe opportunity for personal wilderness experiences. Some tours are suitable for families with children and youngsters. Customized tours are available.

For detailed information about the camps described above and further offers, visit my website: www.wildernesslife.no, contact me by e-mail: mail@wildernesslife.no, or mobile: +47 98 48 21 30

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