Top family activities this summer

Take a walk down Pippi Longstocking’s street, a boat trip on Elias, a quiz where Blåfjell was recorded or visit the old copper mine at Røros Museum, Olavsgruva – all this and more in one region!

Johan Falkberget

I am the miner, the labourer. That is what I am by nature, by feeling, – my poetry, my research is that of the miner and my view of the world is his. When you are descended from a 300-year old mining family, this is perfectly natural.

Cultural Experiences

Culture, landscape and history in the Røros region are closely bound together, thanks to mining heritage, rich cultural traditions, widespread farming and industrial diversity.

Camping Holidays in the Røros region

Camping in the Røros region offers a wealth of exciting possibilities.  

The story of the war no one wanted

De beste kokkene i Norge tar turen til Røros når nye smaker skal letes fram.


The Røros region offers a wealth of historical experiences and has everything from old farmsteads and copper mining to brave tales of sabotage.

Outdoor summer magic

Something happens to us Norwegians the moment the clocks go forward to Summer Time, and we get that extra hour of sunshine. Our sad, dark winter faces are exchanged for big smiles and there is nothing we would rather do than spend hours on end out of doors. We have [...]

Discovering new tastes in and around Røros

The best chefs in Norway naturally choose Røros as their starting point when they are searching for new tastes.

A Journey through Local Food History

Join us on a guided tour through the world of taste. The flavor of Røros awaits guests on the local food safari filled with authentic and local produce from the mountains of Norway.

Authentic Røros

Uforglemmelige opplevelser tett på natur og verdensarv venter en snau times flytur fra Oslo.

World heritage Røros

Røros was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1980 and is full of history yet has a vibrant local community. Get to know more about the town’s world heritage and its development in modern times.

Winter activities for the whole family

Destination Røros offers fun-filled winter experiences for all ages. You can vary between action-packed outdoor activities and slow-moving family time, all on the same day.

The Røros Winter Fair

The Røros Winter Fair (Rørosmartnan) is an experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Or preferably – once a year!


Four days of unforgettable winter experiences in the Femund Race with the UNESCO world heritage town of Røros as the backdrop.

The Winter Chamber Festival

Between the 12th and 15th of March, chamber musicians and an eager audience from near and far, meet during a series of concerts in the world heritage site of Røros.

Experience the Røros region in this epic trailer

We are proud to introduce you to our region and the opportunities it represents. The Røros region consists of a vast number of attractions with impressive nature, unique atmosphere, exciting activities and memorable experiences.

Jutulhogget in Alvdal

Inbetween Oslo and Trondheim along the RV3 you’ll find Jutulhogget to the South in Alvdal kommune. Here you can enjoy the view or go hiking.

Events all year round

2017 starts of with a long distance dog sled race in February and end the year with the traditional Christmas market in December. Do you wonder what more the Røros-region has to offer? Here are some of the events we have in store for you:

Bath and wellness in Røros

Sleigh ride transfer from the hotel to the airport where you tuck yourself into the skin rug, enjoying the fresh mountain air before arriving the hotel. At the hotel, you can enjoy a delicious bath outside in the outdoor pool while the snow is falling. OUTDOOR POOL AND JACUZZI - [...]

The exhibition «The dark side of gold»

The Røros Museum is now showing a contemporary current photography exhibition with pictures taken by renowned American photographer Larry C. Price.

Nominated in the National Geographic World Legacy Awards

Destination Røros was nominated in the category “Destination Leadership” in the National Geographic World Legacy Awards, along with other much larger destinations like Travel Oregon in the United States and Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark in Ireland.

Tourist Guide 2016

See the diversity of our region in one guide. We proudly present our new tourist guide with information for Holtålen, Røros, Os, Tolga, Tynset and Alvdal.

Destination Røros is a finalist in the National Geographic World Legacy Awards

Destinasjon Røros is the only Norwegian destination that has reached the final of the three most prestigious sustainability accolades in the world!


Forollhogna contains mountains and gently sloping valleys. Forollhogna is often referred to as “The Kind Mountains”.

Christmas eve in magical surroundings

Experience an unforgettable Christmas in the heart of Røros.

Røros Church – Travellers Choice 2015

For the third year in a row, millions of users of TripAdvisor have chosen the church in Røros as one of ten Norwegian Must See-landmarks this year.

Cycling in Røros

This Summer the World Heritage Site Røros offers many different ways to see the exciting countryside from your bike.

The Femund Race – winter action in Røros

Take a trip to Røros and experience one of the most exciting sled dog races. In February you can follow the teams as they start from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Røros.

Christmas buffet in Røros

Enjoy Christmas with mulled wine, good food and friends.

Food blogger on safari

The local food safari around the Aursund lake has been written about by food blogger Whitney Love.

The movie «Frozen» – inspired by Røros

This year’s big family film from Disney is the winter film «Frozen». Several scenes in the film are inspired by people and attractions in Trøndelag.

How to book

Our UK travel agents have organized roundtrips to Norway and our region.

World Heritage Site Røros

The mining town Røros was added to UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage sites in 1980.

Travel the World Heritage Site on your bike

The open landscape in Røros is well suited for cycling. 333 years worth of mining in the area have left innumerable roads and tracks to use. Here are some suggestions.

National Park Village Vingelen

To the east of the national park Forollhogna and to the west of the river Glomma, you find Vingelen.

Mountain Farms

In the area around Røros, you’ll find several mountain farms that date back hundreds of years – and are still in operation! Visit a farm from another time!

Fishing info at

Welcome to the sport fishing Eldorado of Østerdalen and Hedmark.

New Scandinavian Cooking from Røros

New Scandinavian Cooking are Nordic food and travel shows for an international audience.

Local food – nature’s best

Did you know that this is one of Norway’s leading regions for locally produced food?

Sustainable value creation

Creating value and business development are main areas when working with sustainability. In Destination Røros we work with business development programs to ensure a sustainable development.

Environmental certification of tourism enterprises

Destination Røros encourages work on environmental certification of companies in our destination as one of the main focus areas in our sustainable policy.

Local food in Destination Røros

The barren landscape and temperature in Røros results in local food products with a rich and pure flavor.

Sustainable tourism in Norway

In 2007, the Norwegian government introduced “Sustainable Norway 2015”, to increase awareness on sustainable tourism.

Sustainable policy Destination Røros

Destination Røros represents the voice of our region in marketing and the development of tourism.

Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Røros Mining Town and the Circumference

Destination Røros is built on a cultural and natural heritage which inspires and obliges us to work for sustainable tourism.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

UNWTO has defined sustainable tourism in terms of environmental and cultural protection, social equity and life quality, and economic viability.

Rent an el-bike – season starts in June

Rent el-bikes which allow you experience the Røros region in a sporty, yet comfortable manner. This is a family friendly activity and transportation. There are two places where you can rent your el-bike in Røros and Tolga. The el-bikes can be rented at G-Sport Røros and the Tourist Information at Tolga, YX […]

Experience Røros Mining Town

Be captured by the colorful, vibrant streets of the mountain settlement.

Norwegian Travel Workshop in Røros

In April 2013, Destination Røros was the host for the annual Norwegian Travel Workshop where 270 international operators met with the same number of Norwegian sellers.

Winner Responsible Tourism Award

Destination Røros won the Best Destination category at the 2011 Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards organised by

Winner Tourism for Tomorrow

Destination Røros, Norway won yet another prestigious award when they received the Tourism for Tomorrow Award for Destination Stewardship at the World Travel & Tourism Councils (WTTC) Awards celebration in Tokyo in 2012.