You can catch a bus every day to and from Trondheim. Click here for the timetable.


There are several departures by train to and from Oslo/Hamar and Trondheim.


Røros Airport is situated 50 minutes by plane from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. You can catch a plane most days, except Saturdays:

Røros -> Oslo
WF051    6.15 am – 7.10 am    Monday – Friday
WF055    2.43 pm – 3.35 pm    Monday – Friday
WF055    3.13 pm – 4.05 pm    Sunday
WF057    7.58 pm – 8.50 pm    Friday
Oslo -> Røros
WF052    1.30 pm – 2.23 pm    Monday – Friday
WF052    2.05 pm – 2.58 pm    Sunday
WF056    6.50 pm – 7.43 pm    Friday
WF056    7.40 pm – 8.33 pm    Monday – Thursday
WF056    8.25 pm – 9.18 pm    Sunday

Trondheim Airport Værnes has connecting flights with other Norwegian  airports every day. You can get a direct flight to and from Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Riga, Tallin, Gdańsk, Kraków and Reykjavik.


Oslo -> Røros:
It will take approx. 5 hours by car or bus from Oslo to Røros. Go by E6 and RV3 via Elverum.

Alternative routes:
RV28 via Trysil and the beautiful Femundsenden (“Lake-end”).

Nasjonal Turistvei Rondane via Alvdal follows RV27 from Enden to Folldal.
From Folldal to Alvdal, Tynset and finally Røros.

Trondheim -> Røros:
It will take approx. 2 hours by car or bus from Trondheim to Røros (RV30).

Alternative routes:
FV705 – the beautiful road between Stjørdal and Røros, passing over the mountains from Stugudal to Brekken.
It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive from Værnes/Hell to Røros.

FV705 –  feel free to drive via the gravel road between Stugudal and Ålen, before getting to Røros. Summertime only!
T: 177 (for more information) W: