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Inbetween Oslo and Trondheim along the RV3 you’ll find Jutulhogget to the South in Alvdal kommune. Here you can enjoy the view or go hiking.

Ca. 400 meters from Rv3 you’ll find a parking space and an information board.

Jutulhogget is one of Northern Europes longest canyons. It is 2,4 kilometers long and 240 meters deep. The canyon was formed after the last ice age. A lot of ice melted towards the end and the inland sea Nedre Glåmsjø was formed. At that time Nedre Glåmsjø was ten times larger than Mjøsa. The ice in the valleys created a dam that stopped the waters from flowing south. When a natural disaster hit Nord-Østerdalen the dam broke and the water started flowing and dug out Jutulhogget.

That is the geological explanation, but there exist many tales and myths about how Jutulhogget was formed. The legend of Rendalsjutulen (a kind of troll) is probably the one that is best known: the Rendalsjutul carved out the canyon to lead the river Glomma to Rendalen, something he was stopped in doing by Glåmdalsjutulen, who slayed him.