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New Scandinavian Cooking are Nordic food and travel shows for an international audience.

Equal parts travel, cooking and adventure, the series is a culinary journey through a land of breathtaking sights and irresistible food.

In the programmes, the chefs convey the Scandinavian culinary and cultural history in an innovative and captivating mannerthrough narrative, imagery and amazing cooking. New Scandinavian Cooking is one of the world’s most popular TV formats within food and travel and has a world-wide audience reaching viewers in 60 different countries.

Season 1, episode 3 – Merry Christmas from Røros

The Christmas capital of Norway, Røros is a town of remarkably rich heritage where all of the buildings — ancient and new — are made of wood.  Inside a mountain chalet and then outside with scenic mountains as a backdrop, Andreas prepares gravlax, aged trout, succulent Christmas pork rib and rice pudding.

Season 8, episode  2 – Old fashioned Sweet Tooth from Røros

The Røros region is the premier region for local food in Norway – with a wide range of different types of raw produce. This episode was the second filmed in Røros.

Vertshuset Røros is the restaurant where Mikael Forselius and Andreas Viestad cook in the TV-show. Vertshuset is a member of the Historic hotels and restaurants in Norway and also offers accommodation with 39 rooms of high standard. The cuisine of Vertshuset combines the best of the region’s produce of the season prepared with a continental touch. There are several other restaurants and cafés in Røros region that offer local specialities.

In Selbu, you will find Selbusjøen Hotell and Gjestegård right next to the beautiful lake Selbusjøen. Also a historic hotel, Selbusjøen offers local food in beautiful surroundings.

Recipes from the show

Smoked Char with Blue Cheese and Pickled Quinches

Røros Cabbage – one of the classic stews in Europe?

Cheesecake with Sour Cream, Cloudberries and Spruce Sprigs

Ice-Cream Cake, Blueberries and Apple Cider

Pork Rib Roast with Cloves

Gravlaks (salmon)