Fishing with Fishspot

Fishing is a popular pastime. If you are an avid angler, the Røros region has rivers, brooks and lakes for you to choose from. At Fishspot you get tips and information, whether you´re interested in fly fishing, going after that big pike or just want to relax by the water.

No matter how serious fishing is for you, here you can find out how skilled you are. There are many species in the lakes and rivers, so you can try your luck with Trout, Perch, Charr, Grayling, Whitefish, Burbot and Pike.

Many of the beautiful rivers, brooks and lakes in Norway make this country a paradise for fishing and experiencing nature. Fishspot has the information you need for the best inland fishing in South-East Norway. Fishspot has information about where to acquire a fishing license, where accommodation is available and more. If you visit our map page, you´ll fnd information about the different fishing zones and local accommodation by clicking on the icons on the map. Fishspot was founded by landowners, restaurateurs, the tourism industry and other organisations connected to fishing tourism.