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Take a walk down Pippi Longstocking’s street, a boat trip on Elias, a quiz where Blåfjell was recorded or become an authorised Flåklypa astronaut – all this and more in one region!

For families with small children, holidays are often about calming down and unwinding. Our region offers a relaxed pace of life and plenty of opportunity for child-friendly activities to rejuvenate the whole family.

Let your imagination fly in Kjell Aukrust’s world

Follow Solan and Ludvig into Aukrust’s fantastic world and see some of Reodor Felgens inventions in the flesh. Would-be rocket scientists can complete the 12-step programme and claim the title, ‘Flåklypa Astronaut’! The moon rocket is an exciting experience for kids of any age and the perfect start to a summer holiday – or simply a welcome break when travelling on the Riksvei 3.

Rørosmuseet Smelthytta

The story of Røros told for all

The various exhibitions in the smelting shed illustrate the history of Røros Copper Works. The workings of the mines and smelting sheds are brought to life through easy-to-comprehend moving models.

Take the kids on a guided tour where the story behind Røros will be explained in a simple and understandable way. Learn about the reindeer that ‘found’ the first copper ore, what it was like to work down the mines, and the processes which lead to the finished product. The tour includes Malmplass, the slag heaps and the Smelting shed exhibitions.

A dip in the open air

Summer wouldn’t be summer without an open air dip, regardless of the weather! The Røros region is full of beautiful natural pools of all sizes but has swimming pools too. We have prepared a little overview of the best local bathing spots. Try Fjällnäs or Røros Bad og Velvære if you would prefer a swimming pool.

Open air learning

Real farm history

Dølmotunet offers plenty of family activities during the summer. This traditional farmyard is open Monday-Sunday from 24th June – 30th July and is the ideal place for the kids to pet the animals or jump in the hay. The farm buildings house a café where you can buy a simple lunch or coffee and homebakes.

Experience the mines

Røros Museum invites you to explore the town’s mining history on an hour-long tour, complete with realistic sound and light effects. A guide will lead you through the mining tunnels of Nyberget and Olavsgruva, 50 metres deep and 500 metres long, until you reach the cavernous Bergmannshallen.

Fæmund II

During the summer season the traditional vessel M/S Fæmund II offers trips along the lovely shores of our ‘innland sea’, Femunden. Enjoy the Femund moors from the lake itself, or in combination with a foot tour. The rugged beauty of the countryside has always been a great attraction to outdoor enthusiasts.

Fishing and canoeing

With its many well-stocked lakes and rivers in areas of natural beauty, the Røros region is an Eldorado for fishing enthusiasts. Fishspot provides an overview of the best inland fishing in Norway.

Explore Røros offers great outdoor experiences with a good chance of spotting beavers and birds. No prior knowledge is necessary, and this activity is suitable for the whole family. Røros Sport and Hodalen Fjellstue provide canoe hire.