Solan og Ludvig tar med deg inn i Kjell Aukrust sin verden på Aukrustsenteret i Alvdal. Besøk også Flåklypatoppen og bli astronaut. Foto: Ivar Thoresen

Alvdal borders to Tynset and is the southernmost municipality of Desitnation Røros. The Glåma and Folla rivers meet in the centre of the village of Alvdal.

Jutulhogget was formed during the last Ice Age, and is northern Europe’s biggest canyon. Tron is a landmark for those travelling through the valley, 1666 metres above sea level, with a road all the way to the top. From here the view is exceptional. Kjell Aukrust grew up in Alvdal and is made famous by the internationally distributed movei “Flåklypa Grand Prix”. His humorous narrative art in text and line, lyric gems, exciting paintings, fantastical inventions, an abundant cast of characters, multimedia and film is on display at the Aukrust centre.

Everybody is skiing in Alvdal, and the village has fostered many a famous name over the years. One of the oldest wooden skis in Norway was found here, and skis are naturally enough the motif in the municipal coat of arms.